Quality Service Commandments

Leeson Valuers has an absolute commitment to excellence in quality of service.

To attract and retain long term relationships with clients, Leeson Valuers follows 12 Quality Service Commandments:-

  1. Promptly contact client and ascertain timetable for every matter. The timetable will be honoured and will only be amended following agreement with the client.
  2. Monitor the timetable.  If the timetable cannot be honoured, the client will be informed and be given an explanation of the reason(s) for non compliance.
  3. To arrive on time for appointments.  If there is an unavoidable delay, the client will be contacted. If date(s) and turnaround time(s) are promised, the promise(s) will be met. No promise will be made that cannot be kept.
  4. Return all phone calls on the same day. If an undertaking is made to get back to the client, that undertaking will be adhered to, even if there is no development or progress to report.
  5. Read every letter/report without fail before signing and ensure that there are no spelling, grammatical or mathematical errors.
  6. Never have an electronic signature attached to a report before the original report is signed by the Valuer.
  7. Ensure all annexures listed in the valuation report are thoroughly checked to make sure that they are all attached to the report.
  8. We are Certified Practicing members of the Australian Property Institute (API), which requires annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Compliance.  Completed REIQ Legislation and Annual Professional Development Training, REIQ Specialised Seminar on "Understanding Buyer & Seller" Research, Residential Sales and Steps to Successful Small Lot Subdivisions (Specialised Program).
  9. Completed Risk Management Module - API in August 2022 (valid until 31/12/2023).
  10. User Friendly - It must be easy to seek and obtain the services required - Communicate directly with the Valuer.
  11. Efficient - Time is money. Services must be concise, economical and appropriate.
  12. Reliable - A high standard of reliability always.


The firm is committed to a policy of plain English. This is to ensure our clients will receive reports that are as brief as possible, easy to read, that do not contain unnecessary terminology and are therefore more user friendly. However, we do not pursue this goal at the expense of precision or clarity.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation

We guarantee that any advice you receive from Leeson Valuers is totally independent. We have no association with any Real Estate Agents or Developers.

This means that you get the 'real' valuation of your real estate with no hidden agendas.


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Queensland, Australia, 4103