Court Litigation Valuations - Expert Witness

Legal & Litigation Valuations

Thirty years in partnership with leading law firms ensures Leeson Valuers provides high quality valuation advice and property guidance for legal disputes.

Leeson Valuers are experienced and trusted in the court room and have a thorough understanding of the obligations of the Expert Witness, and the mediation, conference, tribunals and court hearing procedures.

Property values impact on our lives. They start at Council rates and range to their impacts on pensions, land tax, your ability to borrow money, your ability to buy more property, the compensation you receive when a Council or the Government resume part of your land or puts an Easement over your land.

Sometimes other Government Valuers make determinations that you can contest or object to.  In fact if your land is to be resumed, the "Government" is to pay your valuer's (reasonable) costs.

Contesting a valuation at a tribunal or court or simply making an objection or making a submission needs a valuer who is "switched on" in terms of valuation methodology, but also in terms of negotiating strengths, legislation awareness, familiarity with giving expert evidence in a court and with strong communication skills. Leeson Valuers has wide ranging experience and expertise in these areas.

We have been involved as property experts with a number of cases that have been before the Land Court or under mediation.  Our experts have participated in many landholder compensation conferences and mediation meetings. 

Our property professionals have acted as expert witnesses in numerous litigation cases in the Land, Magistrates, Federal and Supreme Courts in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Additionally, Leeson Valuers provides advice to a wide range of owners/claimants and acquiring authorities for rail corridor and road widening purposes as well as the acquisition of easements for water and gas pipelines and electricity transmission lines.

Leeson Valuers can bring a competent expert to any legal matter.

This may include disputes relating to:

  • Family law
  • Property developments
  • Compulsory acquisition
  • Compensation matters
  • Litigation matters

Our professionals are available for expert witness valuations in:

  • Family Court of Australia
  • Supreme and District Courts
  • Land and Environment Courts
  • Qld & NSW and Administrative Tribunals
  • Strata titles Dispute Tribunal

Leeson Valuers provides clients with:

  • Quality independent and comprehensive advice
  • Minimal costs for all parties due to independence
  • Over 30 years experience in an expert witness capacity
  • Experience across jurisdictions

We guarantee that any advice you receive from Leeson Valuers is totally independent. We have no association with any Real Estate Agents or Developers.

This means that you get the 'real' valuation of your real estate with no hidden agendas.


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