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Residential property listings advertised for sale over the 4 weeks ending 23/08/2015

Posted by CoreLogic RP Data on 1 September 2015
Capital CityNo of New Dwellings12 mth Change (%)No of Total Listings12 mth Change (%)
Sydney 7,929 16.6% 18,793 -1.5%
Melbourne 8,230 11.5% 27,808 -6.5%
Brisbane 3,835 4.5% 17,659 -1.7%
Combined Capitals 25,178 7.0% 96,859 0.3%


StateNo of New Dwellings12 mnth Change (%)No of Total Listings12 mnth Change (%)
NSW 12,406 10.9% 52,154 -7.4%
VIC 10,965 9.3% 52,768 -4.6%
QLD 9,131 3.4% 62,907 -0.6%
National  41,092 4.0% 231,513 -1.6%

Note that sales listings are based on a rolling 28 day count of unique properties that have been advertised for sale.

The national number of newly advertised properties increased by 4.0% relative to the same period one year ago to reach 41,092 properties added to the listings pool over the past twenty eight days.

The increase in new listing numbers was fuelled by the capital cities where newly advertised homes were 7.0% higher than a year ago.

The largest increases in new listing numbers are coming from Sydney (+16.6%), Melbourne (+11.5%) and Canberra (+19.4%) while vendors are adding fewer new listings to the market compared with last year in Darwin (-21.9%), Hobart (-12.1%) and Perth (-10.8%).

Total stock levels are now roughly similar to levels a year ago (-1.6%) nationally and slightly higher (+0.3%) across the capital cities.

The strongest housing markets are still seeing listing numbers lower than a year ago, although this trend might not last for much longer.

Stock levels in Sydney are only -1.5% lower than a year ago and -6.5% lower than a year ago in Melbourne.

Author:CoreLogic RP Data

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