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PEXA's Monthly Settlement & Mortgage Insights

Posted on 14 December 2021

Source: PEXA Insights

This month's highlights:

  • Both NSW & VIC bounced back after 4-months of declining sale settlements, recording growth of 15.4% and 7.9% respectively
  • The QLD market continued to charge ahead, with sale settlements up 13.7% for the month, recording a new high
  • Refinances continued to trend significantly above levels seen in 2020, across the country

Monthly Settlement Insights - QLD - December 2021


Sale settlements

Sale settlements in Nov-21 were up 13.7% on Oct-21, and up 27.6% on the same month last year.

Aggregate value

Sale settlement aggregate value rose 18.3% MoM to $17.3B

Settlement figures quoted are total settlements, they include digital and paper-based settlements for residential and commercial properties, unless otherwise stated. Any non-monetary settlements such as family transfers or gifts have been excluded.

Nov-21 was up 13.7% on Oct-21, and up 27.6% on the same month last year.

Residential / commercial

  • Residential settlements were up 14.5% MoM and up 34.3% YoY. 
  • Commercial was up 10.1% MoM and up 3.4% YoY. 

Greater Brisbane / rest of QLD

  • Greater Brisbane Area was up 14.8% MoM in Nov-21, a 38.7% rise YoY. 
  • Rest of QLD was up 12.7% MoM and up 19.2% YoY


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