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Little Housing Stock Sells in a Given Year

Posted on 9 October 2017

Source: CoreLogic


Over the 12 months to May 2017, only 4.8% of all houses nationally actually sold highlighting just how little stock sells in a given 12 month period.

Across house sales over the past 12 months, Tasmania saw the highest proportion of stock turning over with 5.6% of all houses in the state selling.  Conversely, Western Australia saw the lowest proportion of turnover with just 4.0% of all houses selling over the past year. 

% of total houses sold by state,
12 months to May 2017

NSW 5.1%
VIC 4.5%
QLD 5.1%
SA 5.1%
WA 4.0%
TAS 5.6%
NT 4.6%
ACT 3.9%


The low volume of housing stock which actually turns-over highlights why caution should be taken when looking at median sale prices.  Because of the low sample a median is based off they can be biased.



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