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Land Court Win

Posted on 19 December 2023

Source: Carwardines

Land Court Win

Recently Leeson Valuers represented a client to have the Land Value of an Industrial Property in the Enoggera Industrial Precinct reduced. Last year the Land Value was $1,350,000.  This year the Valuer General increased the land value to $2,400,000! A 70% increase when both Stafford and Kedron Industrial areas received a 0% increase.

Following a big fight in the Land Court the good guys came out with a fairer valuation of $1,750,000.

The problem with excessive Land Valuations is that the Property Owner then pays excessive Council rates and excessive Land Tax.

This was a big win for the Land Owner with the expert assistance of John Leeson and Andrew Rankin of Leeson Valuers. Don’t just cop massive Land Value increases if the increase is unfair. Speak to Carwardines and/or Leeson Valuers to find out how the fight for fair process works. It will save this Land Owner about $25,000 in excessive Rates and Land Tax.


We guarantee that any advice you receive from Leeson Valuers is totally independent. We have no association with any Real Estate Agents or Developers.

This means that you get the 'real' valuation of your real estate with no hidden agendas.


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