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Ipswich Rental Market

Posted on 6 May 2020

Source:  NGU Real Estate - Ipswich

Local Sales and Rental Update This last month for our Property Management Team has been a busy & an unusual one. From changing our daily practices through to making sure our clients and their properties are being managed at a high level. We are proud of our team and their commitment to their positions. This April we have rented 29 properties which is a mammoth month for our office. Sales is also still strong. We believe at this stage our market is steady with our sales team selling 22 properties and listing 27 amazing homes on the sales market.

Properties Leased this month

  • 29 Properties leased for the month
  • 108 Inspections for the month
  • 190 Applications for the month
  • 22 Average days on market

Properties Leased -

Of the 29 property leased:

23 - No discount - rented at list price

6 - Reduction from list price to achieved rental range $5 - $30/week

Lowest Rental Value - 1 bedroom flat - $100/week

Highest Rental Value - 4 bedroom house - $550/week

Rental market evidence reflects strong tenant demand in the Ipswich area with good numbers of residential properties being rented and a very small number/quantum of rental discounting.

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