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Brisbane's Rental Market Trends - December Quarter 2015

Posted on 27 January 2016

The latest stats are out for Brisbane's rental market. Residential Tenancies Authority records the rent when a new bond is lodged and each quarter we analyse the results to understand current and  emerging trends. Here's the numbers for the December quarter released mid-January 2016:

  • Across Brisbane median weekly rent for a 2 bed apartment stayed at $400 in the December quarter - a similar price achieved in March 2014
  • Inner-city suburbs saw rents drop $5 to $490/week, back to September 2012 levels
  • 2 bed apartments areour 'headline' stats due to their dominance in the rental market: for comparison Brisbane's 3 bed houses were also static at $420 per week over this last quarter
  • There were 1846 new bonds lodged for the December quarter for 2 bed apartments in the inner-city. This extends the previous record for bond lodgements for 2 bedroom units by in excess of 100 for a December quarter
  • The RTA's full count of bonds can provide interesting info as this is the only true measure of the size of our rental market. The number of rental homes in Brisbane's inner-city grew by 275 dwellings in the December quarter. This 0.8% growth was actually slower than the increase in the rental pool for the whole of Brisbane, which rose 1% (or 1494 homes)

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